#12health Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix 

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I’m excited to share with you a great product out there: #12health Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix. If you’re running late in the morning or just can’t be bothered making something after your workout, you can reach for this mix, add water, and cook away – as simple as that. 


Nutritional benefits

  • By using tapioca and rice flour instead of wheat flour, #12health Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix makes gluten free pancakes which is great for anyone that is gluten intolerant or coeliac.
  • You only need to add water to the pancake mix – no dairy for those lactose intolerant or dairy !
  • There’s no added sugar to these pancakes or artificial sweeteners.
  • As the name suggests, #12health Vanilla Protein pancakes are high in protein with 30g per serve.
  • They have a low calorie density, being high in nutrients that will fill you up, whilst not providing unnecessary “empty” calories.
Nutritional information of #12health Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix per serve

Nutritional information of #12health Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix per serve

Additional information

Just remember that the nutrition information applies to the plain pancakes – don’t forget to consider what the goodies you top them with add to their nutritional profile. 


#12health suggests you top your pancakes with fresh ingredients like berries, banana, honey, pure maple syrup or even raw chocolate nut butter (that’s something I would do!), if you dare. For more inspiration, visit their site: http://www.12health.com.au/pages/recipes


Where to buy: http://www.12health.com.au/collections/products/products/protein-pancakes-vanilla

Pancakes can be a healthy and luxurious meal or snack. With #12health Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix, it’s even easier.

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