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As many of you, similarly to myself, are absolute lovers of travel; I thought you may value the findings I received recently on 5 of the best apps for eco-friendly travel!

I received this information from Socielle, a company who is in the forefront of environmentally friendly and sustainable products; and was told that according to Forbes, ecotourism is showing annual growth rates as high as 30%, making it the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry (I’m actually quite impressed!).

The founder, Rochelle Coombes, spoke straight to my heart as she explained “Ecotourism promotes greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture, which is a crucial vehicle for empowering local communities around the world to fight against poverty and to achieve sustainable development.”.

So for those of you who are keen to keep exploring, whilst simultaneously looking out for the world around us, here is a list of 5 of the best eco-friendly travel apps according to Socielle:

1. Green Globe is the ultimate green travel app. Green Globe helps you find sustainable hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and tours, and also provides photos, videos and links that allow you to book travel directly.

2. Green Travel Choice can track you CO2 emissions and it doesn’t matter if you’re driving in a car, riding a motor bike, taking the bus or flying on a plane. It also logs your trips, travel distance and emissions over time – meaning you to choose transportation more wisely. Green Travel Choice has partnered with The International Tourism Society which has been involved in ecotourism since 1990.

3. Carma Carpooling helps commuters or travellers to find nearby people to share their drive, which reduces traffic and emissions. According to the app, rides cost about twenty cents per mile that is paid to the driver. This can be an affordable way to get around your travel destination as well as reducing your impact on the planet.

4. Carbon Emissions Calculator estimates the emissions used during air travel. Travellers select the airports they are using, the class of travel and number of passengers, and the app shows the carbon footprint and distance travelled during the trip. This app allows travellers to become more aware of the impact that planes have on the environment, and gives them a choice to seek other alternatives.

5. The Goodguide app allows users to find healthy, safe, and socially responsible consumer products. By photographing the bar code on food, household, and personal care items, as well as toys, users can see information from scientific research and ratings. There are similar apps, including the “orangutan-friendly” Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping and Ethical Barcode.

So there you have it, 5 eco-friendly travel apps that could make all the difference on your next adventure!

..Speaking of travel, I am off to America in about 10 days…its been just over 12 months since I was last there, and boy am I looking forward to paying SF and NYC a visit!

More stories to come (mostly via my instagram and Facebook!) so make sure you join in for the adventure that is about to begin 🙂

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