So this is a slightly random post, but I figure given I have been contently still in Melbourne for a few months, that in order to live up to my name as a Travelling Dietitian, I should at least share some nutritious foodie finds from around the globe.

I came across this gorgeous retreat and after being in touch with the owner Karen who left her busy life in from city to start a whole new life focused on health and wellbeing amongst the hills and jungle of Ubud in Bali, she has kindly offered to write this post to share with you all a little bit about this hidden gem in a very calm part of the world!

Hope you enjoy!


Around 20 years ago I was lucky enough to fall in love with life in Bali. Over those years I have enjoyed a journey of many delicious meals with friends, family and guests from around the world. My first introduction to these sensational tastes was in Kubuku, Wayan’s restaurant and bungalows in Ubud. Wayan had created his own unique dishes that were a fusion of Balinese and Indian styles.

greens and coconut

Whilst staying at Kubuku, I was delighted in having fresh lemongrass & ginger tea delivered in a thermos to my simple bungalow in the rice paddies every afternoon. Sunset time was perfect for a cold local beer served with peanuts cooked with garlic and turmeric. Dinner time I discovered dishes such as “nasi gudeg” (a jackfruit dish), coconut sambals, or Wayan’s version of a Balinese curry.

outdoor active - 004

As I became more at home with local life, Wayan introduced me to the hidden delights of food prepared for the eternal cycle of ceremonies that  are the rhythm of life for all Balinese. Here I learnt about such dishes as “lawar” (finely chopped meat, coconut and spices), satays served on lemongrass stalks and wildly colourful sweets.

As life progressed we created our magical property in the hills – Ayung Sari Indah. Here I was to really experience and enjoy eating “kampung style” or “village style”.

outdoor active - 014

We now run our Sharing Bali Health and Fitness Retreats on our property. Needless to say, our food is not only fuel for our physically active guests, but also a true highlight of the retreats. We use fresh produce from our garden, surrounding farms or nearby markets. Nothing processed. All made in authentic “village style”. We don’t claim to be formally qualified in the area of nutrition, but all of our trainers give it the thumbs up.

The sambals are the secret……. adding spice and flavour to every meal.

They start to build their flavours as the ingredients are crushed with a mortar and pestle. Fresh turmeric, yellow ginger, white ginger, galangal, onions, chillies, macadamia nuts, and bamboo shoots and lemongrass are used in most dishes in various combinations for the base of most dishes. We have so many favourites.

satays table

20 years later, I have never been so fit, healthy and happy. I will swear there is magic in that lemongrass and ginger tea that we still serve on a daily basis!

Okay, it’s Kara, I’m back!

If you want any more information on this special piece of the globe feel free to check out their site or request some extra info with the links below 🙂

From my understanding, the famous AFL player, Brodie Holland is going to be running a program there this year from the 28th of July till the 2nd of August with another PT which sounds like a lot of fun!

Have you been anywhere like this that you could recommend?

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  1. Julie Sincock

    Hi Kara, I’ve been to Ayung Sari Indah on a fitness retreat and the entire experience (including the food) was wonderful. Ubud in gerneral (and Sharing Bali specifically) offers lots of raw food and clean eating and since my trip I’ve been excited about introducing more of this into my diet.

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