Not a traditional #TDapproved post, I couldn’t hold back from sharing all these fabulous innovative healthy food products created by progressive brands that I am so impressed by.

In no particular order, some random and fabulous food finds to keep a look out for across the globe include:

Bee Free Honee – Honey made out of apples, no impact on the declining bee population, suitable for those allergic or intolerant to honey, and carries the vegan claim. Interesting!

bee free honee

Beyond meat – Interesting vegetarian protein, meat alternative. Made from soy and pea protein isolate, all non GMO ingredients, and although containing a few random ingredients that one wouldn’t find in their pantry, overall seems like a suitable alternative for those not anti-soy who are looking to make a switch to some vegetarian protein sources throughout their week.


EPIC protein bars made from real meat! I suppose like a jerky, but in bar form. The bison and beef versions are promoted as a source of omega 3 and CLA, both valuable for leaning up and a healthy metabolism, whilst the turkey variety is a source of folic acid.

Tolerant red lentil pasta varieties – I have seen soy bean, black bean, and mung bean pasta, but not red lentil pasta, until now! What a fabulous vegan source of fiber and protein. LOVE.

tolerant red lentil tolerant red lentil rotini

Hodo Soy Yuba (Tofu Skins) – A gluten free high protein ingredient that can be used as a noodle replacement or even a healthy pastry alternative in recipes such as spring rolls (and I can even imagine steamed dumpling style dishes) made from a plant based protein.

Hodo_yuba YUBA8

Kate Farms Komplete- A vegan whole food based meal replacement drink. Although I am not such a fan of the sugar content, given the relative provision of vitamins, minerals, and protein, for the amount of calories it provides in total, I think the drink stacks up pretty impressively.

komplete katefarms comparison

Mamma Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack – The new snack packs from the Mamma Chia beverage founders seem awesome. For only 70 calories, you get 1200mg of omega 3’s. Yum flavours too.


Quinn Popcorn – Unlike the many disastrous microwave popcorn ingredients lists out there, this company has achieved a perfect mix of nutrition, branding, and no chemicals in the packaging that can leak out during microwaving..for a snack that most select for enjoyment purposes, this one works well.


Raw Foodz Buttery Spread – Seriously interesting ingredient list – cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, fused with cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil and hemp seeds. Their salad dressings are equally impressive and innovative. All their products are vegan and raw too. Riding the trend well, and bringing us great products, impressive.

nutrition spread raw foodz

Functional formularies – What every hospital, aged care site, or person caring for someone who is malnourished and trying to obtain adequate macro and micro nutrients should be purchasing over the current selection! Whole food based, organic, a true meal replacement formula.

FF_C01_LiquidHope_broc FF_C01_LiquidHope_broc FF_C01_LiquidHope_broc

Rubys Rockets – Now here is a way to get kids (and adults alike) to consume their vegetables and probiotics. 25 calories and low in sugar ice-poles…what a great dessert alternative!


and finally…not a product as such, but a pretty cool business idea…

The vegetarian butcher – There is definitely room for improvement on the ingredients used in the products currently available, but I absolutely love the concept!

I’ll leave it at that for the day,

Have you seen or heard of any other really interesting new products making their way onto the market as 2013 raps up?

Until next time,

Travelling Dietitian x

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