Best burger bun alternative

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For those who are looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional hamburger bun, I have found for you the best “no bread” solutions! How about considering grilling or baking some of your favourite vegetables?

Vegetable buns are a great alternative and perfect for those with Coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or are simply looking to bump up the fibre and lower the calories of their favourite burger. Today, I am really excited to share with you some great “no bread” burger bun alternatives!

Vegetable bun alternatives are a more nutritious option given the traditional burger bun often contains added sugars or is simply filled with refined carbohydrates.

Grilled or oven baked vegetables are rich in essential nutrients, including vitamins A and C, folate, and potassium. They also provide a good source of dietary fibre which can help lower cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy digestive system.

By using these grilled bun alternatives, we can increase our daily vegetable intake and thereby reduce our risk of heart disease, obesity and even strokes. Overall, I think we are onto a winner!

So let’s take a look and see what we have got as the 7 best burger bun alternative recipes:

1. Sweet potato bun sliders with portobello mushrooms, red peppers and pesto from Our Four Forks

Sweet Potato Bun Sliders

2. Chicken sliders with zucchini buns from Domestic Fits

chicken zucchini bun sliders

3. A roasted Portobello mushroom bun “burger” from Let’s Regale

Roasted portobello mushroom bun burger

4. Low-carb lettuce wrap burgers from The Pioneer Woman

Lettuce wrap burger

5. Low-carb tomato avocado burgers from The Iron You blog

tomato avocado burger

6. Cauliflower burger buns recipe from Sheknows

Cauliflower burger buns

7. Southwestern burger on a roasted eggplant bun from the Himmeand123 blog

Southwestern burger on a roasted eggplant bun

Hopefully, I have encouraged you to try these hamburger bun alternatives at your next family dinner or BBQ! For those with Coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or trying to cut down on bread, you no longer have to miss out on eating juicy and tasty hamburgers.

Are you willing to push the boundaries and try something new? Do share this post if you know anyone that would appreciate knowing about all these great alternatives!

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