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Hi everyone,

In honour of national banana bread day I just had to share with you a range of delicious healthy banana bread recipes!

Don’t let those over-ripe bananas in your fruit bowl go to waste; it’s time to get baking in celebration of Banana Bread Day!

I have pulled together a collection of recipes from around the web that use a range of ingredients to fit almost every dietary need. Whether you are gluten free, lactose intolerant, trying to go “sugar free” (which evidently would be impossible with a banana bread given the natural sugars that are occurring in the bananas!), or whatever other criteria you are looking for, we really should all be able to enjoy a delicious slice of healthy banana bread (at least on this day)!

Bananas alone are nutritional powerhouses, loaded with potassium and other important nutrients. However, when it comes to banana bread, don’t be fooled by those “health” claims that are often advertised given that most store bought and café versions are kilojoule-laden, and made with refined sugars and flours.

What is important to know though, is that if you replace these ingredients with nutritious alternatives, banana bread can actually be a healthful and filling snack that could be consumed anytime of day.

These recipes would be perfect as a healthy lunchbox snack for the kids, enjoyed mid-morning at work for the adults, or even simply warmed up as a delicious after dinner treat!

Here are a few recipes to give you some ideas of where to start!

1. A gluten and “sugar-free” (no added sugar) option from The Healthy Chef:



2. Chai tea infused banana bread baked oatmeal from Faring Well:



3. Gluten-free banana bread granola bars from Cupcakes and Kale Chips:


4. An egg-free alternative banana bread for vegans from The Simple Veganista:


5. Chocolate banana bread made with cacao and strawberries from Cook Republic:


6. Gluten-free banana bread pancakes from My New Roots:


6. Sugar and grain-free banana bread made with coconut and almonds from The Health Emporium in Bondi:


7. Healthy whole-wheat vegan banana bread from Love Food Eat:


9. A paleo coconut, banana and raspberry bread from Nourish by Ashyln:


10. Banana bread vegan healthy ice-cream from the Top With Cinnamon blog:

banana bread icecream

Baking, bananas, nutritious wholegrains and good fats- what’s not to love about these recipes?

I hope I have provided a banana bread option that will suit any specific dietary desire. I also came across some recipes that included peanut butter, blueberries, cherries, and dark chocolate in the ingredient list, so have a search around the web and see what’s out there that tickles your fancy!

It is wonderful to see that so many cooks and bloggers are inventing healthier and more nutritious versions of the snacks we love.

Enjoy Banana Bread Day!

Until next time,

The Travelling Dietitan x

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