Best hemp protein recipe

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If you are someone who has a real sweet tooth, or happened to be an obsessed smoothie lover, you are going to love  the best hemp protein recipe I have found for you!

Hemp protein is a really versatile ingredient which can be added into baked goods, smoothies, granola, and even yoghurt. For those of you whom are curious, why not be creative and add it into your next drink or baked good?

Hemp protein is derived from grinding or cold-pressing hemp seeds. It provides a rich source of dietary fibre which helps to lower our cholesterol, and maintain digestive health. Similar to hemp seeds, hemp protein also contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in the desired ratio, amino acids, and essential nutrients.

So let’s take a look and see what the 7 best hemp protein recipes are:

1. A Peanut butter protein shake from The Best of This Life blog:

hemp protein peanut butter shake

Best hemp protein recipe


2. Hemp protein granola bars from the My New Roots blog:

best hemp protein recipe

hemp protein recipe

3.  A gluten-free black and blue smoothie from Choosing Raw:

best hemp protein recipe

Hemp protein recipe

4. Spooky green chia pudding (with a wheatgrass boost) from Choosing Raw:

best hemp protein recipe

hemp protein

5.  Kale and mango green smoothie from the Motive Nutrition blog:

kale and mango green smoothie

6. Hemp cacao energy bites from Choosing Raw:

best hemp protein recipe

Hemp protein recipe – energy bites

7. Vegan no-bake hemp protein bars from Running on Food Real: no bake hemp protein bars

Hopefully I have provided you with some recipe ideas around incorporating hemp protein into your smoothies and baked goods that you can see yourself using.

Some of these recipes are vegan and gluten-free, so they can be enjoyed by everyone who has these dietary restrictions.

Why not consider packing these delicious snacks into your lunchbox or taking them on the go?

Give these recipes a try and we’d love to hear from you in the comments below if you have any other suggestions!

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