So I just made a post on Facebook that prompted me to write this next blog post.

Protein, it is important for an array of reasons, two of which are that it is needed to maintain muscle mass (which is important to keep your metabolism up whilst losing body fat), and it is also great for keeping us fuller for longer (not bad if you are trying to lose weight!).

So we all know the standard chicken, tuna, and eggs as the protein sources we are steered towards by many, but who would have guessed the humble broccoli as a great source?

Yes I know, the protein in broccoli is not the same ‘quality’ in terms of amino-acid profile as those animal based sources; However lets be honest, most of us are very likely be eating an array of other protein rich foods throughout the day, and by the end of the day, we will be able to obtain that full array of let that not be an impeding factor from it’s consumption!


Not all vegetables were created equally!

Many of us know the difference between starchy and non starchy vegetables, and therefore when trying to watch our kilojoule intake, we are prone to shift towards the less starchy sources. However who knew that there was such a difference between a cauliflower and a broccoli, which both come from the same family of vegetables, when it comes to protein sources?

For around a 100 calories (420kJ) you get approximately: 7g of protein, 10g of fibre, no cholesterol and a whole lot of extra nutrients. Now those numbers are quite significant if you are trying to feel full on less kilojoules in order to lose or manage your weight.

So how much broccoli could you eat to get this nutritional profile? 1/2 a stalk! That’s bound to take up some space on your plate!


Another vegetable that stacks up well from a kilojoule, protein, fibre perspective is a lettuce. To get the same numbers as above, you could eat a whole large head of lettuce (although unless it is from a dark green variety, you probably are not getting as much of the extra nutritional benefits that you get from the humble broccoli!).


So today, and in that case, on any day, when you are deciding which vegetable to add to your plate..don’t be shy to select, on repeat, broccoli. It really is one of a kind!

Which other natural foods do you know of that allow you to eat such a large volume, for so little kilojoules, and still obtain such a significant amount of protein and fibre for satiety?

I’ll be sure to post again soon,

For now,

Travelling Dietitian x

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