Brunch back home in Australia is by far my most beloved meal of the day. My prerequisite when I go out for lunch, is that breakfast items are still on the menu (just to try and continue the bunch theme throughout the day for as long as humanly possible). Eggs really are a satisfying choice, being rich in protein and healthy fats, they keep your hunger at bay, and boy do they taste good!

I have posted a range of photos from my delicious brunch experiences back home, which as usual have comments if you slide the mouse over the image. I think you will be able to sense when my Australian brunch photos end, and my campus brunch experience begins!




















So you can understand my disappointment when I arrived to the campus ‘brunch’ this Sunday morning only to find the following made to order meals:

  • fried egg muffin
  • fried egg and ham muffin
  • spagetti bolognese (I did mention the quality of this in a previous blog post)
  • omelette (although much to my disappointment I think the eggs were from those cartoned egg mixes that come out quite plastic like!)
  • hash browns
  • and a few other items of a similar nature..

My alternative options were huge white bagels, sugar laden yoghurt, refined sugar covered cereals, waffles with jam or syrup, and oats (which I did try, although to my disappointment, the jar that looked like cinnamon, was actually cinnamon sugar..and I would say predominantly sugar!)..

There was a bowl of fruit salad…although this didn’t seem to be refilled, so I missed out!

I am slightly scarred from this brunch experience. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will have a nice brunch off campus and be brought back to my senses.

In the mean time though, this is obviously what all the students are being given each weekend (not good!)..I have my meeting with the regional manager tomorrow morning, lets just say brunch is going to be at the top of my list of suggestions where changes NEED to be made!

Travelling Dietitian x

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Kara Landau aka "Travelling Dietitian" is an Australian Accredited Practicing Dietitian based in New York City. She is a world explorer, healthy foodie, social butterfly, and barre class lover. When she isn't trying new cuisines, researching new product innovations in the health food space, or speaking to the media on behalf of her food industry clients, she can be found quietly conjuring up her next idea in how to make this world a healthier and better place.

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