Bullet Proof Coffee is NOT Paleo

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a bit of a giggle with myself today which has ignited my passion for this quick post. I was walking past a health focused cafe promoting themselves as having a lot of paleo options…of which one was the ever so hot product of the month, “bullet proof coffee”.

Just for clarity, bullet proof coffee is made up of:

An image and recipe I found from www.healthylivinghowto.com (the stevia would be optional and doesn't appear in every recipe!)

An image and recipe I found for paleo bullet proof coffee from www.healthylivinghowto.com (the stevia would be optional and doesn’t appear in every recipe!)

Now as far as I could remember, coffee wasn’t actually allowed on the paleo diet…so I googled (as anyone would) – “Is coffee allowed on the paleo diet?”…

First answer from the ever so dependable google (to all my google friends who work here in NYC, thank you, you genuinely assist me on a daily basis!) was none other than the Paleo diet guru – Dr Loren Cordain at www.thepaleodiet.com/coffee-is-it-paleo/

Who kindly confirmed my initial thought process of NO, No it is not!

So I throw this question out to all my paleo loving friends who keep telling me about the amazing leaning up effects of consuming this coffee (which by the way, I get it, the CLA and caffeine mix is bound to have some sort of stimulatory leaning effect..or at least bowel motion effect!)…why is this “modification” allowed, yet the few legumes that have some “anti-nutrients” but also have a HUGE array of benefits not given the green light?

Could we not just refer to how we select to eat as a dietary pattern that includes “X, Y and Z” and out of personal preference has omitted “A, B and C”…I just find it a little amusing that people say they are following a specific diet but then there are so many modifications that are made from the base template that it doesn’t actually reflect at all what the diet was all about in the first place.

So in conclusion of this ridiculously short post (by my standards at least)..I draw my own conclusion based on googles handy assistance, bullet proof coffee is NOT paleo. Enjoy at your free will if you must, but please don’t tell me you follow a paleo diet, and please don’t sell this in a cafe, charge a huge surcharge, and promote it as paleo to the confused consumer.

Thoughts? (I know this post was a little “tongue in cheek”…but the personality is bound to come out every now and again over here!).

Until my next post,

TD x

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