Cashew butter recipes

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I decided to share this post today after going a bit overboard today enjoying one of my favourite vanilla coconut cashew butters (I’ll share that recipe in another post perhaps!).

Oh, cashews. Filled with heart healthy monounsaturated fats, copper for helping out with the processes in our bodies that need an enzyme to speed them up, and minerals to keep our bones strong, cashews are one killer snack. However why stop with eating them plain when they’ve got so much potential? Cashews are totally perfect for making luxurious nut butters (I promise, I’ve made these more than once!).

So here are seven of the best cashew butter recipes to get you excited!

1. Vanilla cashew butter from She Knows.

2. Three-ingredient orange, chocolate and cashew butter from My Sequined Life.

3. Sweet and nutty arugula cashew butter from the Doctor’s Pantry.

4. White chocolate cinnamon cashew butter from Ellaphant Eats.
white choc

5. Cashew butter popsicles from Handmade Happiness.

6. Salt and pepper cashew butter from Edible Perspective.
salt and pepper

7. Feel adventurous? How about making this apple pie smoothie from Kristin’s Kitchen using cashew nut butter?
apple pie smoothie

Cashews fit into the realms of both sweet and savoury, making them a really diverse and fabulous ingredient. Let me know if you prefer cashew butter or whether another nut butter tickles your fancy in the comments below.

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