Cold Pressed Herbal Infusion Sprays – Turci

Turci cold pressed herbal infusion sprays

Turci cold pressed herbal infusion sprays

Hi everyone,

As some of you may have seen over on my Instagram, I am constantly posting photos where I say I have added “infusion sprays” for flavour!

I came across the Turci range of cold pressed herbal infusion sprays late last year at a food expo I attended in Sydney when I first moved here; At the time, the products were not yet available for consumers to purchase so I held back sharing too much information on them.

Turci cold pressed infusion spray

Turci cold pressed infusion spray

I am super happy to share with you today that the products are now available at Harris Farm markets and Supabarn stores in NSW, and that the distributor is working on getting them into Coles and Woolworths nationwide (perhaps you can ask for them in your local stores to help push the process forward).

turci herbal infusion spray

Turci herbal infusion spray

So what are these sprays I keep speaking of?

The Turci range are made in Italy and are a cold pressed herb and sunflower oil mix. They are all around 80-90% herbs, with a touch of oil, so the end result is a delicious flavour that can be added to your dishes either when they are cold, or after cooking, which only provides around 2 calories per serve.

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Turci cold pressed infusion spray

Turci cold pressed infusion spray

They comes in eight different flavours: garlic, chilli, basil, rosemary, lemon, oregano, rosemary, saffron, and even truffle oil!

They are non GMO, gas free, preservative free, and taste like freshly harvested herbs!

I pretty much always add the garlic, chilli and lemon onto my avocado dip / guacamole these days, the basil and garlic and oregano onto my Italian style tuna or kangaroo meat marinara, or the truffle oil onto my scrambled eggs.

healthy guacamole recipe

Healthy guacamole recipe

kangaroo meat

kangaroo meat

I’m sure there are stacks of other ways to use the different varieties, these just appear to be the standard on my menu these days!

I love how they can turn the most simple dish into an incredibly delicious dish, without much thought at all.

For the days when my cupboards had hit almost bare and all I had was some broccoli and eggs in the fridge, the fact that I could turn this into a chilli and garlic broccoli with truffle oil eggs dish within 30 seconds was amazing, and made healthy eating all the more enjoyable and appealing.

You simply spray them on after the dish is cooked or prepared, not whilst you are cooking it.

healthy breakfast bowl

Healthy breakfast bowl with truffle oil on my eggs, garlic, chilli and lemon in my avocado dip, and garlic and chilli on my broccoli.

For more information on the range, make sure you check out Dalya, the Australian distributor, and be sure to let your friends know about the range too as I’m sure everyone, from healthy foodie to kitchen avoider, would enjoy and gain value out of having these in their pantry.

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