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Fibre, resistant starch, BARLEYmax, and Goodness Superfoods are certainly not foreign words to anyone who has been joining in the conversations with me on Facebook over the last year or two.

I at all times attempt to not sound like a broken record repeating either the same circulating nutritional information that goes around and around on the internet, and also try not to repeat my own words all that many times; however I feel this particular product, Goodness Superfoods BARLEYmax wraps, are still yet to get the mainstream attention they so outrightly deserve! So here I go again…

BARLEYmax wraps by Goodness Superfoods are high in fibre and low GI

BARLEYmax wraps by Goodness Superfoods are high in fibre and low GI

BARLEYmax, a nonGMO cross bred strain of barley is all natural and contains double the amount of dietary fibre to your regular whole grains..with this in mind, it shouldnt come as a surprise that any manufacturer that has been clever enough to mix this grain into their products are coming out with nutritional profiles that are really worthy of some attention.

This BARLEYmax grain is also rich in resistant starch, a prebiotic (the fuel for those probiotics /good gut bacteria that are so often promoted for positive gut health, immunity, and reducing inflammation within the body), which is often lost through the processing of grains (however not in this products case!).

BARLEYmax wraps pack around 10.4g of fibre into less than 110 calories or about 440 kJ, they also provide around 5g of protein, and are not high in sodium like many of the alternatives in this category.

Nutrition information panel for BARLEYmax wraps

Nutrition information panel for BARLEYmax wraps

I think just as important to note is that they actually taste REALLY REALLY good! Every person I have recommended them to comes back with the same extremely surprisingly happy response, saying that the wraps taste delicious and that they feel so full when they consume them!

Think about it this way, usually 1 regular sandwich slice of bread would provide comparable calories/kilojoules, but somewhere between 0-3g of fibre (and as those of you regulars on my blog know, fibre = a good thing if you want to feel full!)..As you can see up to 3 or more times the fibre for the same amount of calories…this is good…this is very very good.

So why haven’t these products become a stable household name yet? ….I genuinely have NO idea!

You are unlikely to see a day go by in my life (at least from the days when I am not travelling) that I don’t consume at least one of these!

Savoury they work well in a number of ways e.g. being filled with some bbq chicken and salad or using left over roasted vegetables to fill the wrap; whereas if you like them a bit sweeter, you could add some ricotta mixed with natvia and coconut essence, or a scraping of a natural nut butter and some sliced banana…either way, they taste phenomenal, hit the spot, don’t leave you feeling heavy, are low glycemic index and low glycemic load, and certainly fit in nicely as a breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack option.

I have posted a really tasty breakfast or dessert recipe in the past that include the BARLEYmax wraps here…I strongly suggest you give this one a go!

A BARLEYmax "pancake" topped with strawberries and greek yoghurt

A BARLEYmax “pancake” topped with strawberries and greek yoghurt

I have reviewed and tried many of the “low carb” wraps that are available in both Australia and the USA, and I’ll be honest, a lot of the time the taste and texture leave little to be desired. This product however is a complete exception to the rule; I did find one quite nice tasting wrap in the USA that was almost comparable nutritionally in regards to fibre and calories, however the sodium was certainly much, much higher (and the ingredients list also had far more additives and preservatives that were not of a natural decent)!

Currently these products are available in many supermarkets in Australia, as well as directly online from this online store. Fingers crossed that international shipping through another online store will result in them being available globally very soon.

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    These are super tasty, I always have some in the freezer since I don’t eat much bread! I wish they were slightly bigger though as it’s hard to get all your fillings in if you make them into a wrap.

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