Healthy Bliss Ball Recipes

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If you’re one to have a bit of a sweet tooth and can’t always fight those sugar cravings, how about making some bliss balls as a healthy alternative? Bliss balls are a great snack idea to give you a big boost of energy and they can be packed with so much delicious flavour.

What a great nutritious way to satisfy your sweet tooth, and know you are simultaneously looking after yourself?! …And to make it even better (yes, the news gets better), they are super quick and simple to make! They don’t take long to prepare at all and no baking is required. Now, excuse the pun, but this sounds like total BLISS!

I personally am such a HUGE advocate for the benefits of including these delicious snacks, that I actually created a gut health bliss ball mix that is packed with protein, prebiotic fibres, resistant starches and probiotics!

Uplift Food Daily Uplifter - Gut Strengthening Vanilla - Prebiotic and Protein Powder Mix

Uplift Food Daily Uplifter – Gut Strengthening Vanilla – Prebiotic and Protein Powder Mix

Check out Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter if you are keen to create your own dietitian approved gut healthy bliss balls!

Plus if you want some recipe ideas of how you can incorporate Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter, take a look at these bliss ball recipes which are all low in sugar, low GI and will keep you full thanks to the abundance of healthy fats or protein:


  1. My very own vegan mocha mesquite protein bliss balls:

mocha mesquite protein balls



2. High protein beauty food bliss balls from The Body Dietetics blog:


2. Fruit free bliss balls from the Therese Kerr blog:

fruit free bliss

3. Brownie cookie dough swirl protein balls from the Fit Foodie Finds blog:

cookie dough bliss

4. For those who prefer the more zesty flavours, try these lemon and coconut bliss balls from the Lose Baby Weight website:


5. Healthy vegan double peanut butter protein raw bites from the Southern in Law blog:

peanut butter bliss

6. For something a little different and more savoury, try these pumpkin spice bliss balls from the Plant Strong Vegan blog:


7. I don’t think you can go wrong with these coconut almond balls from the Candida Diet blog:


8. Another one of my very own,  sugar free vanilla peanut butter protein balls!

vanilla peanut butter bliss ball

9. And finally, one of my very own and absolute favourites, these vegan, sugar free, probiotic rich, nut free, gut strengthening hemp and coconut tahini protein truffles are sure to please everyone, made using my very own gut health prebiotic protein mix- Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter!

sugar free bliss ball

So quick, and boy do they sound good!

Perhaps make a batch so that next time you find yourself reaching for the chocolate or cookies, you can pick up a healthy bliss ball instead!

If you’re keen to get your gut healthy prebiotic fibres, resistant starches, probiotics and protein in with the one powder, I cant recommend trying Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter – Gut Strengthening Vanilla enough!

Do you have other bliss ball recipes you would like to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Be sure to share this post with your friends and spread the word about the amazing creations that are bliss balls!

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