Healthy Bread Alternatives

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Continuing with the theme of sharing my weekly Body + Soul editorials that are appearing back in Australia over the next couple of months, I thought I would share my latest piece.

With all the discussion these days around bread alternatives, I thought I’d throw in my two cents for those wanting to change up their meals, and get a but more variety in their diet!

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sunrice and kara landau in body + soul Australia newspaper– On a side note, the recipe attached was not one I developed (unlike some of the other recipes that appear in alternative articles that are part of the series), but I’ll leave it at this:

This recipe would be very high in sodium, so if you are someone with high blood pressure, maybe don’t put both the ham and the cheese on it all together.

Otherwise, assuming it is ham directly of the bone without lots of preservatives, the recipe on a whole does fit well for those watching their calorie intake and wanting to feel full and prevent additional snacking. This is a result of the high protein content, the fat and fiber that are present, and the relatively low carbohydrate load that is in the final meal.

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