Healthy Easter Recipes

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When it comes to eating a healthy diet, Easter is a difficult time for many of us! Saying no to those delicious hot cross buns and comforting chocolate Easter eggs everywhere you go is often a hard task.

Even at times like Easter though, it is important that we still acquire essential nutrients from a variety of healthy foods. If only we could indulge in the traditional tasty treats at Easter and keep a nutritious diet at the same time…Well, this top 7 Healthy Easter Recipes list will help you to do just that!

Using dark chocolate, for example, will still satisfy your Easter chocolate cravings, while also providing you with more healthy antioxidants and less refined sugar, than many typical chocolates.

Antioxidants work to cancel out the effects of chemicals called free radicals, which in high amounts over time can lead to diseases such as heart disease, liver disease and even some cancers.

A lower amount of sugar in your diet will also assist with weight maintenance, and prevent inflammation within you body.

These recipes cover different dietary needs for whatever your health goals may be, including sugar free, grain free, dairy free, and more.

So lets take a look at the top healthy Easter recipes:

1. Sugar free chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs from the Sugar Free Mom blog:

choc peanut butter eggs

2. Grain free hot cross buns from the Merrymaker Sisters blog:

Grain free hot cross buns

3. Vegan, dairy free, gluten free Easter Chocolate Cake Pops from the Healthy Blend Recipes blog:

chocolate pops

4. Low-carb, gluten free carrot cake scones from She Knows:

carrot cake scones

5. Chocolate avocado truffles from the Whole New Mom blog:


6. Sugar free, dairy free, chocolate Easter bunnies from the It Takes Time blog:


7. and finally, sugar free Cadbury crème eggs from the Maria Mind Body Health blog:

cadbury creme eggs pdf

This list will hopefully help you and your family have an enjoyable Easter while still feeling like you are looking after yourself!

Have you got any healthy Easter recipes to share with us? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Have a wonderful healthy Easter break!

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