Healthy French Toast Recipes

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Besides firstly thinking ‘YUM!’ when it comes to French toast, most people would probably also associate the dish as being high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, calories, or simply just lacking nutritional value altogether.

It is for this reason that I have sourced seven recipes to prove these assumptions are not always correct!

We absolutely can enjoy this scrumptious meal while still being confident that we are looking after our health…I’m all about getting the best of both worlds!

French toast is a great meal for breakfast, brunch or, let’s be honest, any time of day. Some of these seven recipes cover several different dietary requirements, including egg-free, paleo, vegan, low fat and/or low sugar.

So here are the top 7 healthy French toast recipes which I bet will change your life!

1. Vegan Banana French Toast from The Simple Veganista blog:


2. Vegan Coconut French Toast from the Greatist blog:

Vegan Coconut French Toast_KD_604

3. French Toast with Cinnamon and Honey from the Hip & Healthy blog:


4. Strawberry Danish French Toast from the Minimalist Baker blog:


5. If you’re looking for something a little different with a bit more of a twist compared to traditional French toast, try this delicious Individual Baked Apple French Toast recipe from the Clean Eating Chelsey blog:


6. Pumpkin Espresso French Toast Rounds from the PaleOMG blog:


7. And finally, a healthy spin on classic Buttermilk Pancakes from the Sprouted Kitchen blog:


Hopefully this list has provided you with lots of fresh ideas and a variety of new flavours for your French toast.

French toast is definitely an old favourite that the whole family will be sure to enjoy (and you can relax knowing you are helping them and yourself maintain a healthy lifestyle).

What healthy French toast recipes do you have at home? I would love to hear about your favourite recipes in the comments below! Remember to share this post with all your friends – I’m sure many of them would love to add some new healthy French toast recipes to their collection!

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