Healthy Passover Menu

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As many of us are about to approach a holiday season, celebrating either Easter, or the Jewish Passover, I thought I would share with you all across a couple of posts some recipe inspiration to engrain a bit of confidence in yourselves that you can definitely stick with your nutritious and nourishing eating habits over the next couple of weeks!

Both Easter and Passover are times where a lot of refined carbohydrates and sugars are typically consumed. For Easter there is an abundance of hot cross buns and chocolate easter eggs on the menu, whereas for Passover there seems to be refined maztoh creations and honey filled delicacies.

It is for this reason I have specifically selected recipes that are sugar free and grain free, and randomly fit the paleo movement by default given many people don’t eat legumes during passover, or mix meat and milk dishes at their dinner table.

I hope you find some inspiration for a healthy passover menu from this post! (My easter follow up post will come soon!)


1. Firstly we have some quinoa, broccoli and tuna patties from the Allergy Free Alaska blog:

healthy passover menu

Healthy passover menu

2. A Moroccan style beef stew over cauliflower rice from the And Here We Are blog: healthy passover menu 3. A walnut crusted chicken pesto quiche from the Peachy Palate blog: healthy passover menu paleo 4. A sugar free coconut macaroon recipe from the Sugar Free Mom blog: sugar free passover 5. A delicious apple pie recipe from the Living Healthy With Chocolate blog (I would switch coconut sugar for natvia for a real no added sugar recipe, but thats your call!): healthy passover menu paleo quiche 6. and for breakfast the next day, given matzoh really isn’t the most nutritious option, I’d suggest these smoked salmon baked egg stuffed avocados from Grok Grub: passover - Smoked-Salmon-Avocado-Full-Text As you can see, there really are a stack of recipes out there that could make their way onto your seder table, or be enjoyed over the coming couple of weeks, without needing to rely solely on Matzoh brie, Matzoh pizza, or whatever else seems to dominate the menu in your household.

Wishing everyone well over the festive season,

My sister and I are celebrating Passover together for the first time in years here in Australia since we both moved my family is definitely looking forward to the coming weeks.

Sending positive vibes across the globe,

For now,

Travelling Dietitian (TD) x

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