Details on all the buildings throughout Italy are amazing!

Where to begin after two and half weeks in Italy to celebrate my fathers 60th Birthday…

I feel there is so much to say, yet sometimes a picture can paint a thousand words.

With this in mind, I thought I would relive the key elements of the past couple of weeks with you through my pictures of Milan, Lake Como (Bellagio), Santa Margherita and Rome. I have split the images into 4 categories: architecture and design, natural beauty, amazing food, and family. Hopefully after viewing all the photos you will almost feel like you were here with me!

Here goes..

1. Italian architecture and design…wow!

Milan city centre

Details on the walls of buildings

Inside the foyer of the famous opera theatre in Milan

Beautiful villas in lake como with my sister

Outside one of the gorgeous villas in Bellagio

Inside a villa in Santa Margherita, the details were unheard of!

One of the bedrooms inside the villa in Santa Margherita- very old world grand

There were lots of pictures resembling children and love through out the villa in Santa Margherita

Detail in the artwork on the bed head was something else!

Rome architecture

Rome architecture

Rome architecture

Rome architecture

Rome architecture

2. Italian natural beauty…

Bellagio, Italy (View from my hotel room)

Bellagio, Italy (View from my hotel room)

View from one of the villas in Italy

View from the Island that my family went to for my fathers birthday lunch

Chinque terre, Italy

Chinque terre, Italy

Santa Margherita, Italy

Santa Margherita, Italy

3. The food..oh all the AMAZING food 🙂

Italian gelato

Italian cakes…never ending!

Italian gelato flavours, the lists were endless

Antipasto- always lots of vegetables on offer

antipasto continued

Endless amazing seafood

gourmet desserts

Italian Pizza- nothing like fast food pizza in westernised countries!

Antipasto- think there is enough?

Amazing salads in Milan

Prawns in Santa Margherita, Italy (when living in a fisherman village, you eat like a local)

I have eaten more delicious fish in the past 2 weeks than ever in my life! omega 3- hello!

4. Last, but not least, the people (my family)…

Milan central with mum and dad

Family dinner in Milan

Sister enjoying the Italian food!

Family out for lunch to celebrate my fathers birthday (with the business owner of 37 years)

Think mum was tired after her meal!?

Award winning chef who made us a great last meal in lake como

Girls walking around the villa gardens in Bellagio

Sister and I out for Friday night dinner

Dad and I out at a traditional Italian Trattoria

All in all I clearly didn’t rough it for the past 2 weeks…(mum wasn’t going to allow that for me apparently!)

I will be sure to post again with my dietary finds for this country for those more health enthusiasts reading this blog.

On a side note, I just want to thank everyone who clicks in to read my posts, comments on my Facebook page, or follows me on twitter. For someone who is not so self promoting, it is really nice to know that there are others out there enjoying the light entertainment that I have to offer, and can share in this journey of mine so that I don’t have to go at it alone.

One thing I have definitely learnt this year is that no matter where you are in the world or who you are with, you never have to feel alone, and as long as you ask, there is always someone willing to help or offer you support.

As of Wednesday I am off to Finland for a week…random…and exciting! I can’t wait to see what goes on in that part of the world and what foodie finds I will discover!

For now,

The Travelling Dietitian x

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