New Product Development

Kara has worked alongside food industry clients, helping shape new product development in the health food space. She has assisted with idea generation for new players in the market, to as far down the line as product extension strategy formulation with major established global enterprises.

Through her extensive network in the nutrition field, Kara is also able to tap into industry experts with specific nutritional expertise to ascertain the products they feel are missing from the market for their current patients; Thereby assisting companies to develop new offerings that are guaranteed to be supported and recommended by fellow dietitians and health professionals directly to consumers.

Ideas have ranged from formulating pregnancy orientated health bars, to life-span specific vegan whole-food based supplement powders for entrepreneurial companies. Kara has also provided advice to international companies on producing ready to eat, gluten free, vegetarian, and sustainable plant-based protein product lines to ensure they are keeping their products relevant to todays health conscious consumer.

One of the soon to be released new healthy products Kara Landau has been instrumental in formulating and developing.

One of the newly released healthy products Kara Landau has been instrumental in formulating and developing.

Having experience formulating healthy packaged foods that can be consumed “on the go”, and appeal to either specific target markets, or to the mass population, Kara is able to assist new product development that will be ahead of the competitors, and craft new specialized spaces in the market.

With a personal passion for researching available healthy food products globally, Kara posses a deep knowledge of ingredients that can be utilized to bring about the desired nutritional claims which will align with a companies strategic position of offering healthy choices to their customers.