Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton…not a phrase I find myself utilising every day; Although potentially it is one I should be!

By now, some of you may have realised that I have a particular fondness for omega 3 packed plant based protein rich and sustainable marine food sources.

Marine phyotoplanktons are the base of the human food chain, and are one of the few plant based sources of omega 3’s that are comprised of the more potent (in a beneficial way) DHA and EPA types, rather than ALA (found in foods such as chia seeds and flax seeds), which can not be utilised as effectively by our bodies.


Given there are limits to how much fish and seafood one should be consuming each week due to contaminants, and since consuming your omega 3’s through fish oil supplements without simultaneously increasing your antioxidant intake can result in lipid peroxidation (or free radicals still being formed and reeking havoc on your system), I see foods like this as an absolute winner.

They are equally, if not richer, sources of omega 3’s, whilst concurrently providing antioxidants that are naturally present in the food; Hence less concerns over free radical exposure within the body, internal inflammation, and overall disease risk, need to take place.

For those of you who want to read further into the science on this, there is a fabulous article from earlier this year, comparing marine phyotplanktons and alternative sources of long chain omega 3’s such as fish oils, that can be found here.


Marine phyoplanktons are also a complete protein (being composed of all the essential amino acids), and are around 52% protein, which sits quite comparably with most of the other micro algae sources. The micronutrient profile is also impressive, providing an absolute array of vitamins and minerals! Check out this website which has a certificate of analysis for the run down in detail.

So there you have it, a completely summarised take on one of the worlds healthiest foods that currently is available globally through online distributors and I am sure some health food stores.

Here is one retailer that seems to be getting some respect around the internet from other credible sources. You can get marine phytoplankton through different companies as either an oil, or in a freeze dried powder form. Alternatively, I suggest just Googling it in order to find the best deal in your local area.

marine phytoplankton

marine phytoplankton

Here is a great video for anyone who has an hour to put aside and feels like being educated some more on this fabulous product –

Have you tried it yet? or do you intend on?

For now,

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