Hey everyone,

For those of you who want to mix up your morning coffee ritual for something a touch more exciting, nourishing and enjoyable, here is how I kick start my day most mornings…you won’t regret trying this one!

The ingredients have been selected for their unique health benefits including:

Kefir – A probiotic power house – kefir actually has most of its lactose broken down thanks to the live bacteria present.

Cacao and coffee – A dense kick of antioxidants at an affordable price.

Plant based protein powder – The one selected has been made up to contain all the essential amino acids as well as fortified with digestive enzymes to ease digestion.

Green banana flour – The densest source of the prebiotic fibre: resistant starch which fuels the good bacteria in our gut as well as makes our cells more responsive to insulin, meaning we have better blood glucose regulation.

Vegan algae calcium powder – Uniquely and naturally contains the type of Vitamin D that is well absorbed (500mg in a 1/2 tsp) as well as a dense source of iodine for a healthy metabolism (it is tasteless, so don’t worry!).

As you can see, you can feel confident that you are starting your day out on a great foot with this one!

coffee kefir

No added sugar probiotic protein coffee frappe

No added sugar probiotic protein kefir coffee frappe!


1 scoop MRM mocha flavoured vegan protein powder

1/2 tsp Green Nutritionals vegan calcium powder

1/2 tsp Natural Evolution Foods green banana flour resistant starch

1/2 tsp Isowhey cacao

30 mls Organic natural Babushka kefir

1 cup Ice

1 tsp instant coffee mixed with a bit of water to help move the ingredients through the blender

Directions – 

Mix through your high speed blender, I use a Vitamix S30, and move ingredients around with the paddle so that they don’t get stuck (but also so that you don’t need to add more liquid and can keep it quite thick and creamy).


No added sugar probiotic protein kefir coffee frappe

No added sugar probiotic protein kefir coffee frappe