Manjits at the Wharf

Hey everyone,

As we all know, I am definitely a food and dining out lover! (For those of you that have been with me for a while now, you would definitely have seen my NYC foodie escapades!);

So it will probably come as no surprise that when I was offered to trial the newly opened modern Indian restaurant Manjits At The Wharf, I did so with full joy!

For someone who typically finds westernised Indian cuisine quite heavy, I was very excited to get to taste the fresher and lighter dishes that were still packed with exploding flavours from across India that Varun Gujral and his team are known to create.

Putting it into the chefs words himself:

“Most people think of Indian food as heavy dishes that make them want to go straight to sleep after, I wanted to create dishes and a restaurant with a vibe that people can enjoy the Indian flavours yet still go out on the town after!”

I think a picture paints a thousand words, so I’m going to let the images do the talking…but lets just say, with fresh seafood, fish, marinated and slow cooked and smoked in the tandoor meats, there was not a hungry person left in sight at my table!

The sauces weren’t heavy, the fresh ingredients were bursting with flavour, and the spice combinations mixed with the slow cooking processes seriously worked to everyones delight.

manjits at the wharf manjits at the wharf healthy indian sydney indian food sydney manjits at the wharf manjits at the wharf Image 44  manjits at the wharf manjits at the wharf

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I give Manjits at the Wharf the full thumbs up for a great night out in a gorgeous setting filled with friendly staff and delicious food.

If you are in Sydney and after a wonderful experience to be shared with those you care about, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending a visit here.

Until my next foodie adventure,

TD x

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Kara Landau aka "Travelling Dietitian" is an Australian Accredited Practicing Dietitian based in NYC. She is a world explorer, healthy foodie, social butterfly, barre and HIIT class lover. When she isn't trying new cuisines, researching new product innovations in the health food space, or speaking to the media on behalf of her food industry clients, she can be found quietly conjuring up her next idea on how to make this world a healthier and better place.