Barcelona, Spain- What a gorgeous city!

For a sun loving girl who likes the beach and the city, you can imagine the heaven I was in when finally the European sun came out to play.

Hard life with 2 gorgeous Spaniards showing me around!

Having my real life Spanish sweetheart, Eduardo, show me a locals perspective of the city, roaming around the streets and getting myself lost, only to make my way back to where I started (with the addition of seeing many a streets filled with amazing buildings and with detail beyond words), enjoying sitting in many random places through out the city to simply marvel at the beauty of the architecture, and of course enjoying the great produce the city had to offer, you can tell that I had no complaints from this destination!

Cute little hidden streets

What you see when you get lost in Spain!

Streets of Barcelona

Hidden gem: a view from above- only the locals know about- thank you Eduardo!

Staying again at an airbnb home was another amusing experience in itself. Literally sharing a room with a Pakistani man, who gave me his bed and slept on a mattress on the ground, as well as arriving on the week that their shower broke and there was no hot water, you can imagine that the ‘you only live once’ and ‘go with the flow’ attitude had to be in full flight! I guess for 10 Euros a get what you paid for! All in all, an experience I will never forget.

Cute little town Eduardo took me to see

The supermarkets were interesting in Barcelona, with them having lots of sugar free varieties of desserts (more so than in any of the other European countries I had visited). There was also a huge array of white bread offered at every single meal, and as my friend put it, he couldn’t have imagined eating a meal with out white bread!  I had a little bit of a look at the diabetes situation in Spain following these observations, and it does appear to be quite high relative to the rest of Europe. This kind of adds up if you ask me.

Sugar free varieties of products

Diet products from the pharmacy- only one brand (the most expensive one obviously) was actually low in sugar and appeared filling, the rest were pretty much low calorie but pounded with sugar!

The food on a whole was fantastic though, they had lots of fresh produce, the markets were unbelievable, and the serve sizes were not over done. You did not see many obese people walking around, and certainly not on the beach!

Fresh spices at the market

Fresh fruit juice and fruit at the market


Travelling dietitian attempting to be Spanish and ordered a breakfast baguette on the last day with a coffee..couldn’t bring myself to eat all that white bread though!

All in all, Barcelona got a big thumbs up from the travelling dietitian!

I will be back..put it that way.

One of the many occasions I perched in random street spots to enjoy some food and the amazing architecture around me!

Frozen yoghurt in Spain- yum!

I am in Italy now (as most can tell from my Facebook updates) with my family, and not quite roughing it as much any more.

Looking forward to sharing what this country has to seems VERY GOOD!

For now,

The Travelling Dietitian x

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