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I recently was sent a sample of Tassal Salmons new snack range as part of an initiative run between the Nuffnang blogging network and Tassal Salmon – All the opinions provided here though are my own (as always!).

tassal salmon

tassal salmon – salmon and quinoa

I put my hand up for this review as I am personally an absolute salmon lover!

Additionally, I wanted to support Tassal Salmon, a company (and I believe the only company) that provides Australian supermarkets with 100% Australian sourced and sustainably caught salmon.

I have always loved the Tassal Salmon range of products, and I am actually very keen to try their new “rashers” which can be used in place of bacon on a breakfast plate, but for today, lets focus on their newly created ready-to-go snack range!

These have been developed with the busy person in mind; They conveniently do not need to be kept in the fridge or be heated (although I did try them all both refrigerated, at room temperature, and heated, and I seemed to enjoy the flavour / consistency a touch more when they were either refrigerated or heated on the stove top prior to consumption).

The range includes a “Salmon and Beans”, “Salmon and Quinoa” and “Salmon and Rice” –

They each have their own “health message” which I found quite interesting given technically they all fell within ranges to be able to make a claim for the nutrients they mentioned, and sometimes the claim on the pack wasn’t reflective of the variety that actually had the highest amount of that particular nutrient.

For example the “Salmon and Rice” variety was promoted as “with fibre” even though the “Salmon and Beans” provided a higher level of fibre overall.

Either way, they all stacked up nicely, offering 3 nutrients that I am a big fan of: Protein, Fibre and Omega-3s.

Salmon and Beans

tassal salmon

tassal salmon and beans – new snack range

tassal salmon

tassal salmon – salmon and beans – snack range

I thought I would go into a bit more depth on one of the varieties for you all with my dietitian hat on:

Satisfaction – The salmon and beans variety was by far the most filling option; Providing over 20g of protein, and over 8g of fibre, I would see this variety going well alongside some more vegetables as an actual meal as opposed to solely a snack.

Additives – As someone who isn’t a fan of additives and preservatives, I am mindful that this contained E509 / Calcium Chloride, which has been proven safe, although if had in large amounts could possibly aggravate ones gut; as well as acid 330 / citric acid, which typically does not cause issues for people. I think we need to look at this food in the context of ones diet, and if you were otherwise consuming a whole foods based diet, this should not be a cause for concern.

Oils – I loved that this product had extra virgin olive oil as opposed to the typical “vegetable oil” inside it, this helps both keep the heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids high, whilst also ensuring the omega-6s are not packed in. Naturally the fish provides an abundance of heart healthy omega-3s which I love!

Sodium – The sodium inside canned flavoured products can be extremely high, however in this instance it fell within the moderate sodium range, which I was completely fine with.

Sugars – Although there is added sugar, it at least is down at less than 4%, with the total from the entire pack being 1.5 teaspoons. I think we all can agree that it is ideal to have plain salmon with your own mix of vegetables (without the sugar), but as a whole, I am glad they have still kept it very low in this instance.

tassal salmon - salmon and rice

tassal salmon – salmon and rice

The salmon and rice was the most “slushy” of them all, so I preferred the other two varieties significantly more.



tassal salmon

tassal salmon – salmon and quinoa

tassal salmon - salmon and quinoa

tassal salmon – salmon and quinoa nutrition information

tassal salmon - salmon and quinoa

tassal salmon – salmon and quinoa – mixed with some vegetables on the stove top

This variety was higher in sodium than the other two options, but to balance it out, I ended up heating the contents of the can on the stove top and adding in some fresh red onion, tomato, steamed broccoli and plain canned tomato to turn it into a satisfying meal rather than a snack.

So there you have it, a few new options that are on the supermarket shelves now as either grab and go snacks (as Tassal has intended) or even as meal starter packs (as I created above).

As a great tasty way to sneak some heart healthy omega-3s into your diet, and packed with protein and fibre, you can be confident that you will feel adequately satisfied from these!

For more information, be sure to head over to the Tassal site,

Until next time,

TD x

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