The Best Greek Yoghurt – Sophie Yogurt

Huge call, I know…but I’ve made it… I think I have found the healthiest high protein Greek yoghurt that comes in a flavoured variety on the market (definitely #TDapproved)!

Sophie yoghurt is a no added sugar, all natural, GMO free, high protein Greek yoghurt that I came across last weekend in a small grocery store in NYC (and she even has a variety with added fibre).

Amazing high protein no added sugar yogurts from Sophie

Amazing high protein no added sugar yogurts from Sophie


Australia, this great product hasn’t made its way to your supermarket fridge shelves yet, and in all honesty, I think it will take a little bit of time, but all I can say is, this small company’s product needs to be found by the masses in the USA to give it the push it needs, to help see this wonderful brand grow!

There is not a single no added sugar flavoured Greek yoghurt I have come across anywhere in the world, yes you read that correctly, anywhere! ….Except this product line!

…I am SERIOUSLY impressed if you haven’t gotten that impression yet!

I reached out to Sophie, the owner, on her contact page to let her know my thoughts on her products, and within an hour I had a string of gorgeous text messages letting me know that I had made her day with my comments, and that she was a one woman show with her little 7 year old daughter, and that we just had to meet! (I’m looking forward to meeting her too to be honest! The amount of work it takes to get your product off the ground is more than many can imagine).

Americans, don’t waste this one..the ingredients list and nutritional profile of Sophie’s yoghurts are beyond good!

Sophies yogurt - Greek style and no added sugar - amazing

Sophies yogurt – Greek style and no added sugar – amazing


For more details on where to buy them currently, have a look over on her website.

There are already a stack of delicious flavours such as chocolate, caramel, banana cream pie, peach cobbler, strawberries and cream, blueberry cobbler, and vanilla bean…yum!

Her facebook page has so many amazing high protein, low sugar, delicious looking recipes…I suggest you check that out too!

Will share with you more products as the weeks go on (I have seen a stack already!).

Sending love from across the globe to wherever you are reading this from!

Travelling Dietitian x

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