The best healthy coffee recipes

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Given coffee is a much debated inclusion within a healthy diet, and with over 2.5 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide each day, I decided to dedicate an entire post to it, and showcase 7 interesting ways to incorporate it into your diet beyond the standard beverage.

Classified as an essential in many peoples lives, coffee is actually made up of several healthy and bioactive compounds that have been found to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s Disease, prostate and liver cancer, and Type 2 Diabetes, all whilst giving us that energy kick many of us love!

For all you coffee lovers out there, here are 7 amazing recipes that incorporate the coffee bean and the amazing taste it brings with it in a variety of foods:

1. Raw vegan expresso brownies from the Food Doodles blog:

Raw vegan Expresso brownies

2. Smoky Black Bean Soup from the Eating Well website:

smoky black bean soup

3. Caramelized Coffee Spiced Chicken from the Savoury Spice Shop website:

Caramelized Coffee Spiced Chicken

4. Salty cocoa and espresso roasted almonds from the Mangia blog:

Salty Cocoa and Expresso Roasted Almonds

5. Vietnamese iced coffee from the Hungary Brownie blog:

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

6. Coffee- braised Short Ribs from the Food Republic website:

Coffee- braised Short Ribs

7. Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte from The Healthy Happy Life blog:

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

As you can see, coffee can be enjoyed in several ways… not just as a plain cup of coffee!

Since its origin in Southern Arabia, being used in religious ceremonies in Yemen and its ban in Turkey during the 17th century, the coffee bean has come a long way.

With all its polyphenols and the antioxidant effects its easy to see why!

Just remember that coffee does contain caffeine and each individual has different sensitivities and thresholds to its effects, so make sure you modify your intake accordingly.

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