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Kara Landau “Travelling Dietitian”

Hi there!

I’m Kara Landau aka “Travelling Dietitian” – I am a curious minded, world exploring, nutrient dense food lover and dietitian!

As a young woman who has always lived a very fast paced life, and who knows the direct impact our food choices have on our energy levels, I used to struggle to find healthy products that would:

  1. Actually keep me full,
  2. Provide the abundance of nutrients I knew I needed,
  3. Boost my energy levels, and
  4. That were easy to work into quick and delicious meals and snacks.

This personal need, mixed in with the constant feedback I had received from other busy professionals, time poor young mums, and colleagues with clients who relay the same problem of wanting to know what the best products available to us all are, led to my ever growing hunger to find a solution to this problem, and begin my search to find the best products from around the globe that can be enjoyed by us all.

My career in the nutrition space has been diverse, spanning from me;

  • Launching Uplift Food – Good Mood Food – the world’s first dietitian created functional food brand to focus exclusively on the mood boosting benefits of prebiotic fibres and resistant starches.
  • Managing corporate nutrition initiatives nationally for BUPA Australia
  • Working with a branding agency in NYC
  • Authoring and publishing “The Clean Separation
  • Presenting on the connection between Food and Mood at large corporations and wellness expos
  • Producing branded video content for client marketing initiatives
  • Acting as a spokesperson for clients in the media
  • Managing social media profiles, and undertaking unique recipe development and food photography projects for health food companies
  • Plus an abundance of other activities

My title initially came from my time spent travelling the globe back in 2012, and it seems to have stuck for the long run!

I am constantly researching cultural food trends and healthy product availability from around the world so that I bring a global perspective to everything that I recommend as a nutrition expert, and the work that I undertake.

I believe food is just one element of our lives, and certainly does not have to be the cause of stress, confusion, or inhibit social and enjoyable aspects of life.

I do not promote one particular diet, but rather aim to empower you to know which nutrients we need for optimal health (with a particular focus on gut health and anti-inflammation);

By showcasing and introducing you to products and ingredients that are the most dense sources of the required nutrients, I hope you are inspired to try new foods, and that you will feel as though the world of healthy and tasty food products available to you is actually quite abundant!

This blog has been created with the “busy” individual in mind!

Be it you are under the pump in the office, rushing to get your kids from one arrangement to the next, or you simply are trying to manage everything you have on in your hectic schedule, the recipe ideas, healthy products, and nutritional information provided, will empower you to feel in control of your diet, and show you how to practically implement the suggestions I make.

Kara Landau enjoying dining out and being social at one of Melbourne Australias upmarket cafes.

Kara Landau enjoying dining out and being social at one of Melbourne Australias upmarket cafes.

Kara Landau enjoying dining out and being social at one of the upmarket Melbourne cafes in Australia.

Kara Landau enjoying dining out and being social at one of the upmarket Melbourne cafes in Australia.


Kara Landau creating healthy vegan high protein and high fibre meals for her social media followers to enjoy.

Kara Landau creating healthy vegan high protein and high fibre meals for her social media followers to enjoy.

From 2012 – 2015 I spent most of my time being based out of NYC…and amazingly, even when I tried to move back to Australia in 2016 the world seemed to have a different plan for me. Yet again I was pulled back to New York at the end of 2016 after meeting my partner in crime there whilst on a mini trip..so the USA seems to be keeping this girl for now!

New York City - Kara Landaus new home.

New York City – Kara Landaus new home.

As of 2017, I have since re-set up in New York; I will spend my time predominantly here, whilst still paying my gorgeous home country Australia visits too, so Aussies, definitely do not expect me to be vanishing from the nutrition landscape any time soon 🙂


This blog is filled with me sharing my eye opening foodie finds, amaze us all with the weird and wonderful food products we have at our dispense throughout the world, and simply share in some of the entertaining experiences I always seem to have in my exciting day to day life.

Please be in touch with any questions or requests as I always want to make this as entertaining and useful as possible for us all.

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…and on a more personal note, just so you know a little more about me- I live by the following philosophy:

Live in the day, but be aware that tomorrow usually comes. Driving social entrepreneurial endeavours is ultimately what being successful equals to me. Appreciate the good in others. Love as if there were no tomorrow. Treat each other with respect. Be true to yourself. Dream big, then make your dreams your reality.

Thank you for joining me,

I can’t wait to connect and get to know each and every one of you!

If you want to stay in touch through other mediums I am also on:

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Twitter @TravelDietitian

Pintrest as Travel Dietitian, and

Instagram as Travelling Dietitian

For now,

Travelling Dietitian x

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Oh, and ps, incase you were wondering, I have done the whole lose weight and keep it off for over a decade story. How?  Through following everything I recommend throughout my blog and hope to share with you all, my new friends and readers! …So hopefully that helps confirm another level of credibility in some peoples eyes. Travelling Dietitian beforeafter


Medical advice policy –

The information on this site while prepared and edited by an Accredited Practising Dietitian is of a general nature.  It is not intended to replace the personalised care of your health professional team.  The science of nutrition is constantly evolving, and therefore please note that the information provided is known to the best of my ability to be correct as at the time of posting. For personalised nutrition advice I would recommend  you visiting a local APD. You can search on the DAA website for a practicing dietitian in your area.