Almond butter recipes

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If you haven’t blessed your taste buds with the deliciousness that is almond butter, I suggest you do! Gone are the days when peanut butter is the only thing we think of when we hear ‘nut butter’.

Now there’s a wide variety available, and almond is a particular favourite of many.

Almonds are a great source of protein, calcium and healthy fats, making them an especially great snack for vegetarians, vegans, people following a Paleo diet (almonds are allowed on the diet whereas peanuts aren’t..we won’t go into that too much today!), or anyone who simply wants to eat an enjoyable healthy food!

With store-bought nut butters being relatively expensive, it makes so much sense to get creative and make your own. For a very simple but delicious almond butter, all you need is almonds and a food processor. But the luxury of making your own means you can add lots of yummy extras into it. Hopefully these seven best almond butter examples get you excited: 

1. A caramel- and sugar-less salted caramel almond butter from Honey & Figs


2. Pumpkin pie-inspired almond butter from The Organic Dietitian

salted caramel

3. Homemade dirty chai almond butter from Autumn Makes and Does


4. Toasted coconut banana almond butter from Mangia


5. Dark chocolate honey almond butter from Dessert Now, Dinner Later


6. Cinnamon and raison almond butter from A Spoonful of Photography


7. Gingerbread almond butter from Primal Bites


 There you go! Whip out your processor and get started on one of these delicious recipes. Making almond butter does require a little more patience than using other nuts, but – trust me – it’ll be worth it.

I made one earlier this week that was simply roasted almonds, dutch cocoa, natvia, vanilla essence and coconut essence…omg…it was delicious!! You’ll likely be licking these off the spoon!

I’d love to hear about your favourite almond butter recipes in the comments below. Do share this post with your friends, Im sure others will enjoy these recipes too!

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