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Kara Landau travelling dietitian

As a true believer that there are amazing healthy products out there for us all to consume, and my responsibility as a nutrition expert to help you feel confident in knowing that you are selecting the healthiest products available, I take my alignments with brands and products very seriously.

This same thought out process goes for non-food related brand alliances too, with me selecting to work with companies that have an appropriate cultural fit, such as those that are innovative, trying to bring about positive changes in either peoples health and wellbeing, or more all encompassing in the world we live in.

Every product that I promote has either been a result of me approaching a company and requesting to help them reach a wider audience given my true belief in their benefits (typically after I have already been promoting them irrespective of a working relationship), or are from companies who have approached me knowing my stance on nutrition, and who align perfectly.

Travelling Dietitian

I have turned down many misaligned spokesperson roles, as well as stepped away from positions as science evolves and my nutritional knowledge progresses with it.

Not every partnership has involved monetary exchanges, and I do not make ongoing profits from the success of the companies sales.


I hold strong to the belief that we need to support our gut health to enhance our total health and wellbeing; with dietary choices that are focused around the consumption of:

  • Pre and probiotic rich foods, as well as resistant starches,
  • Nutrient dense whole foods,
  • Plant based proteins or nutrient dense animal based proteins that provide dense sources of minerals or fat soluble vitamins,
  • Antioxidants,
  • Omega 3 healthy fatty acids,

As well as remove refined carbohydrates, added sugars, omega 6 rich fats and oils, artificial sweeteners, and long lists of additives and preservatives which can promote inflammatory pathways in our body, and have roll over negative effects to both our mental and physical health.


I believe that in order to truly feel at our best we require a combination of nourishing food, positive relationships, enjoyable physical activities, fulfilling activities (which will differ from person to person), and to find what it is that makes us feel as though we are living with a sense of purpose.

All my alignments stem from all of the above thought processes, and will continue to evolve as I myself grow as an individual.

A big thank you goes out to all the brands below who have believed in me from the word go, and who I am proud to be associated with based on my current nutritional knowledge.

Below are just a handful of the types of companies I have been proud to align with over the years:

Perkii Probiotic Water (current partner)– Low sugar probiotic water that uses special technology to protects the probiotics in order to help them reach the gut alive where they can then successfully have positive effects on the body.

perkii probiotic water

perkii probiotic water

Evia Yoghurt (current partner) – Australian family owned Greek yoghurt company that produces the finest quality authentic strained Greek yoghurt, including no added sugar varieties, on-the-go yoghurt pods, plus many innovative new dairy products for the Australian market.

Evia yoghurt


Hemp Foods Australia – Complete plant based protein rich in omega 3’s, CLA and dietary fibre; hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp oil.


hemp-seeds-1kg Hemp-Seeds-250_nutrition

Natural Evolution Foods – Green banana flour resistant starch – Australian owned and operated, 100% natural and the worlds richest source of resistant starch.

natural evolution foods green banana resistant starch


Jimmy Blacks – Organic black bean powder – Australian owned, 100% natural, rich source of protein, complex carbohydrates, and valuable micronutrients.

jimmy blacks black bean powder

Isowhey – Superfood powders, sacha inchi seeds, no added sugar cereal toppers, coconut oil and cacao powder.

isowhey-brand isowhey-organiclucumachiawildcraftedcoconutpowder_iw_group_shot products

Activated Nutrients – Once daily mens and womens whole food derived multi-vitamin replacement that I helped develop.


product-men product-women

MRM Nutrition– Artificial sweetener free natural plant based or whey protein isolate protein powders which have added greens and reds powders within them and provide complete proteins, as well as individual superfood powder products.



Slim Secrets  – Bare bars high prebiotic fibre natural protein bars without artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives.

slim_logo_box2_grey_green  product_of_year_bars

Mayvers– Natural nut and seed butters without added thickeners, vegetable oils, or additives and preservatives.


Babushka Kefir – Kefir drinkable yoghurt and high protein yoghurt cheese; As Australias number one kefir company their kefir offers between 15-50 different strains of probiotics in each bottle, up to 50 billion CFUs (colony forming units) per cup, no added sugar or sweetened with stevia and erythritol, are boosted with prebiotic fibres (some varieties), and contain no artificial ingredients.

babushka kefir australia

babushka kefir

Modi Apples – An absolutely delicious nutrient dense brightly coloured limited season fresh apple.


Wonderful Pistachios

wonderful pistachios Australia

Vitafiber from Bioneutra – Prebiotic liquid and powdered fiber sweetener – A sugar replacement that is Non GMO or Organic made from the gut strengthening prebiotic dietary fibre, iso-moloto oligosaccharide.

bioneutra vitafiber australia

bioneutra vitafiber

Delonghi – top quality appliances, including an air frier to reduce the total oil required for cooking large volumes of vegetables, as well as temperature specific kettles to ensure hot beverages are optimised for flavour and enjoyment.

delonghi multifry

Vitamix – powerful food processor to ensure more whole foods are able to be enjoyed in an array of recipes. Its use supports the enjoyment of food by simultaneously promoting an ease of preparation alongside nutrient retention.



logo S30-Main-40oz-20oz

Fridge To Go– travel size cooler bags that keep fresh food cool for up to 8 hours, supporting the consumption of more whole foods and fresh ingredients for busy people on the go.


BodyPass – Group fitness class pass enabling users to visit an abundance of premium exercise studios at affordable prices.

bodypass – An experience company that aims to promote people creating shared experiences with those close to them, creating memories and getting active together.


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